How to Get Rid of Groin Odor

Body odor may be caused serious health conditions. Apart from poor hygiene, the unpleasant odor of the body may also be due to liver disease, fungal infections, kidney disease, which primarily cause unpleasant groin odor.

If you are taking some strong medications, the smell of these medicines can result into body odor as well. For example, in diabetic patients, they can smell like acetone due to the insulin medication that they take. When you take in alcohol, smoke cigar or cigarette, you will as well have a bad body odor.

Our body also gets unpleasant odor due to cavities, zinc deficiency, toxins and so on. Body odor also has something to do with the food that you eat. Having a balanced diet like getting rid of the foods with too much toxins and taking in the healthy ones could help us prevent unpleasant body smell. However, in most cases, body bad odor is actually related with perspiration in the armpit, feet, hands as well in the groin areas.

Actually sweat doesn’t have any smell at all. What makes it smell unpleasant is when it comes in contact with bacteria and this usually happens when a person doesn’t practice good hygiene. Poor hygiene is the most frequent reason for body odor and groin odor. If you are suffering from these conditions, action must be taken immediately.

You could in fact adopt some common practices to get rid of the unpleasant odor as best as you could. Start by following a basic practice of cleaning the private parts of your body. If you’re a female, wash your private parts with plain soap and warm water at least three times a day. Whenever you are washing your private parts, wash it from the front to the back.. For men, it is as well advisable to wash with plain soap and warm water thrice a day.

One more thing that you must do is to at least have time to get rid of pubic hair. If you don’t want to shave them, you can trim them to a minimum length. This will prevent bacteria from multiplying because pubic hair is where they love to live in and these bacteria easily get trapped by the pubic hair causing bad odor to start from there. Always consider wearing loose and cool clothes.

This would allow free air circulation all over the body and it will permit the unpleasant smell to pass. Cotton underwear and clothes are your best bet in this condition. Make it a habit to change your underwear two or three times a day if possible. Avoid frequent use of panty liners since these will also be the reason for bacteria to multiply. If regularly changing your underwear still gives the unpleasant groin odor, then your underwear may have some sort of smell that has set in.

You could boil your underwear to kill the bacteria or replace it with a new one. These simple ways must help you in getting rid of the unpleasant odor as well as make you feel comfortable and clean. Now for  more great ideas to get rid of groin odor, I found this great book just click on the link.


More Great Ideas to get rid of Groin Odor