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Everyday, life is getting tougher for us due to different reasons, be it the climate, social troubles or professional woes. How is this related to an article about perspiration?

Well all of the said factors cause you to sweat big time. And many of us sweat much more causing us to encounter embarrassing social circumstances particularly with excessive armpit sweating. Even in normal situations, armpit sweat is more of a problem compared to sweat in other parts of our body because it does not evaporate as fast as the underarm sweat does. However, when we perspire excessively, the condition is exacerbated.

Why does excessive armpit sweating cause more embarrassment than perspiring elsewhere? When we sweat in the armpits, the sweat doesn’t just stay there. Instead, it pools there and runs down the side of the person. Unnecessary to say, such excessive sweating causes stains perspiration that is visible to his friend and the world. The stains can actually damage your clothes because the stains perspiration caused by your underarm can be difficult to remove. There are some ways to remove stains perspiration from your daily wear. Included here are:

  • Deterge
  • Solar power to remove stains.
  • Use of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Water with vinegar.
  • Cream of tartar with aspirin.
  • Baking powder.


The fabric could sometimes suffer from yellowing that is an unwanted side-effect of stains perspiration. If your clothes have yellowed, you could use bleach but keep in mind not to iron your clothes that have become discolored by sweat as the heat will further give stain.

There are times that you removed the stains perspiration but not the odor. So to remove odors, you can soak the fabric in a solution of spoonful of salt mixed in 1 gallon of warm water after washing.

However, the best action to do for stains perspiration is to work on some preventive measures. Use good natural antiperspirant that could help reduce your underarm sweating or wear inexpensive shirts under the outer T-shirt to protect it from getting stains perspiration directly. If you could manage it, carry with you extra shirts so that you could change at least once in a working day course.

Lastly, it is also important to pay attention to too much perspiration if you develop the condition in adulthood because this could be a symptom of thyroid problems or other conditions that may require expert attention. You could therefore always go and consult your physician if you feel that you’re perspiring too much.

Before you attempt to do the tips I have stated above and reclaim your favorite shirts by getting rid of the stains perspiration, I would like to share one final word of advice: avoid “chlorine bleach”. This solution has the tendency to react with proteins present in the sweat and could make the stains perspiration to darken more. You might end up making your underarms and collar brown while attempting to make them white!

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