Diabetes Body Odor–What is it?

This article shows that the three causes of body odor are associated with diabetes. These conditions and diseases are more likely to cause body odor to the patient with diabetes, at risk of diabetes, or has a family history of diabetes.

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Diabetes could produce a body smell which is much more unusual than what you have been used to. It’s never been a good thing to get an unexpected change in body smell unless you have changed your diet or you have been taking foods like eggs, garlic, onions, liver, red meat, fish, processed foods, legumes, fried foods, curry, or spicy foods too much. If you have not changed your diet, but you suddenly developed body odor, consult your physician immediately.

Body odor is commonly described as the smell of perspiration; however, this is not true. In fact, sweat has no smell. Our body produces 2 types of sweat. First one is the eccrine. This is a clear, odorless sweat that is secreted by our body through the eccrine gland. It regulates the temperature of the body.

The second one is the apocrine described as a thicker sweat secreted in the armpit and groin parts by the apocrine gland. This sweat is odorless but when it reacts to bacteria on the surface of the skin, it produces unpleasant odor we all try get rid of.

People also develop bad odor due to poor hygiene or heredity. Diabetes could as well change how your body smells. Sometimes people with diabetes and urinary tract infections can have an unusual kind of body odor. It is like a fruity body smell.

Full blown and not treated diabetes may lead to a condition called ketoacidosis. When this happens, the patient’s skin will taste sweet and produce an instantly recognizable pungent odor. Diabetes may also cause the patient to smell like acetone. This is because of the insulin taken to cure the disease.

To manage your odor, you could practice the ABC’s of any type of body odor action. First, maintain a good hygiene and use soap with antibacterial when you wash. Apply body powder or any antiperspirant to keep your body dry. Keeping the body dry will reduce the amount of sweat produced and lessens production of bacteria on the skin, thereby alleviating body odor. You could as well use deodorants for excessive underarm sweating and rubbing alcohol to kill bacteria on your skin’s surface.

Once again, if you observe sudden sweet smell in urine, skin dryness, tingling feet, or feeling of being thirsty constantly, consult your physician immediately. These are signs and symptoms of diabetes condition. If your body smell changes quickly as well, as mentioned earlier, see your physician as soon as possible.

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5 thoughts on “Diabetes Body Odor–What is it?

  1. My body odor changed when I became a diabetic. I went about six months before being diagnosed. I now tell everyone to see a Doctor right away if their body odor changes. 
    I ask others if they notice the slightly sweet smell I emit. They all said no. 
    I describe the smell as vanilla cupcakes baking in the oven and ketchup boiling on the stove. 

  2. i wondered what was going on. i  dont usually drink but over the holidays i finished off two bottles of wine and thats when i noticed the change.

  3. My underarm smell if without deodorant or really sweaty has always been like an oniony smell. Now I'm 55 and noticed that my underarm smell is different but not bad. I don't have to use deodorant anymore. Would you know why?

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  5. Hi I found out smell exudes also from the effects of vaginal thrush. The economical way of addressing this is by  using rubbing salt into the affected area and within 24hrs the infection in gone! But of course it's a routine treatment since diabetes makes it a recurring occurrence. Antifungal properties are present in salt so it is a very effective cure and cost you almost nil.
     house with the men. If thrush is present in their person they have to also rub salt on it to get rid of the thrush. Both genders when afflicted with this disease will harm their partners if not treated as it apparently can cause abrasions in their personal parts. The salt apparently has effective anti fungal

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