Do You Have Body Bad Odor?

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Have you ever had one of those embarrassing days on the elevator or on the bus, where it seemed like nobody would like to get closer to you? If you have, then you must have that stench that can send anyone, even a skunk running! Why do you have such body bad odor?

What’s that body bad odor?

Well, as opposed to what most of us believe it is, body bad odor is not the sweat secreted by the body. It is a combination of bacteria and sweat. Actually, the sweat is odorless but it is the bacteria that create the bad smell. The human body generates eccrine and apocrine sweat. The eccrine sweat is secreted by the body to lower down our temperature, like when it’s hot outside or when we exercise. It is produced all over the body uniformly and does not have any bad smell.

The apocrine sweat, on the other hand, is a special type of fluid discharged by the blood into the tissues located in groin, armpits, hands, and feet. It is the apocrine sweat that actually causes all the trouble; however, like the eccrine sweat, it is also odorless because it simply contains protein and fat.

So how does the apocrine sweat produce that stench?

The apocrine sweat is used by some of the bacteria in the body to survive and multiply. Once the sweat is consumed, and like what other living creatures on earth do, they defecate, and you guessed it, the body bad odor is the smell of their excrement! Well, scientifically, bacteria do not really defecate the way humans do – they simply breakdown their chemical bonds, but the fact that they consume our sweat is actually the main re l;-ason why we smell. However, this doesn’t actually mean that it’s common to have that body bad odor.

So why do you have body bad odor?
There are four main reasons why the body produces bad odor:

  • Hygiene

The main reason why some people have body bad odor is because they don’t bathe enough! Remember, good hygiene doesn’t end at washing your body alone; it should also include washing clothes because certain fabrics, especially cotton, can absorb bad odors easily.

Another possible cause of body bad odor is the overactive group of bacteria present on the skin. Some people have less bacteria on them, others more, but then again, it all boils down to proper and good hygiene.

  • Sweating

Some people have body bad odor because they sweat more, either because of physical activity, stress, or a special condition of the body known as Hyperhidrosis, which actually causes excessive perspiration.

Stress is getting more and more prevalent today. We are faced with tighter schedules, higher expectations, more work, too much pressure, etc., and all these cause our body to experience an unnatural level of anxiety, which causes excessive sweating, and in turn, may cause the body bad odor.

Young children do not have body bad odor because they still do not secrete aprocrine sweat; thus the body bacteria have nothing to consume. People begin to produce and secrete apocrine sweat at the puberty stage when the testosterone levels increased.

  • Diet

Eating certain foods is also another factor why people smell. If the food is strong enough, its smell can move through the body and come out from the pores. Cumin, curry, and garlic are believed to have such poignant properties.
Zinc deficiency can also cause body bad odor, because the body needs zinc to regulate detoxification. Without sufficient amount of zinc, the body will not be able to handle waste properly. Similarly, caffeine and sugar imbalance can change the type and amount of perspiration the body secretes.

  • Health problems

Some body odors can also be a symptom of health problems. People who smell like ammonia may have liver disease or those who have the nail polish smell may be suffering from diabetes.

Now that you know the different causes of body bad odor, you now have the idea on how to prevent having body bad odor; however, if you already have one and it seems like everybody around you know that you stink, fret not! There are many ways on how you can deal with this problem. The main issue here is more of having enough knowledge to carry out solutions to your problem. Check your body and find out what is really causing your body bad odor. When you’ve found the real cause, deal with it accordingly. Never be afraid to consult and seek help from a doctor if you think the stench doesn’t want to leave your body.

If you think you have that body bad odor we will help you to get rid of it and your entire perspiration odor, we are going to provide you with some knowledge of the problem and some ways to find a solution to your perspiration problems such as excessive underarm perspiration.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Have Body Bad Odor?

  1.    I Sweat a lot too much sometimes specially from my face and head, But I never smell any odor from my body nor my clothes, but people sometimes act like i'm a skunk, nobody want to stay close to me , in church people refused to sit near me.I bath 2 to 3 times a day, chane my underwear daily, i always used deodorant, little perfum behind my ears&pulse so what is the problem?

  2. when get ready for bed i take a shower but when i get up the smell still be there. In the morning i take a shower an about 20 mins the smell come back. so i take a nother shower but it just go's on all day long i have want to the doctor about this problem but i dont feel like they here me can you help.

  3. l have a problem of excessive sweating  and a bad odor what can l use or do to resolve this problem. l have used some deodorants but still doesnt stop the sweating and bad odor. If l apply roll on l sweat more what can l do

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